Want to Make Sure You’re Getting a Good Roof?

man inspecting a roof on a ladder

More and more clients are telling us that they want to make sure they are getting a quality roof.

Whether it’s due to leaks during the tear-off; lack of response or any other matter that leaves you concerned about the quality of roof you are getting, for a very reasonable fee, we are able to give you an independent evaluation of the quality of roof system being installed, and whether your contractor is living up to their agreement.

The reality is that county and city building inspectors are incredibly thorough one minute, and seem to approve by simply signing the sheet on the next.  Most often, when they know and trust the contractor, they seem to be more lax than at other times. The problem is that following Hurricane Irma, every contractor took on more crews, new crews, and stretched their supervision staff over more and more jobs.

So as a homeowner, you do your research, pick a well respected, well reviewed contractor and hope that you have made the right choice and that they will do a good job. The good thing is that in Florida, there are more than one required inspections required:

  1. A dry-in inspection.
  2. For some systems, an in-progress inspection.
  3. A final inspection.

Our suggestion is that if you want peace of mind, you should have an independent roof inspector inspect once the dry-in is ready.  For shingles, this may only be a day. For tile, probably more, but it’s best to make arrangements early.

With tile roofs, you are investing tens of thousand of dollars into your roof. You deserve every expectation that you are purchasing a roof that will last, keep your home dry and free from damage for 50 or more years. Unfortunately, once the tile is installed, the actual roof cannot be seen! The tile acts as both UV protection and decoration. The real roof is the membrane underneath. There is a wide range of options available for this and many future problems can be created if the wrong roofing system or wrong methods are used for installation.

ARIS photo documents the system as it is. We point out any deficiencies and areas of concern. IF we find none, we point out that as well. Most of the time, we recommend or warn against specific actions. We document, photograph, and explain our recommendations. We will provide a copy via email to you and to your contractor if you desire. We do all of this for a set, predetermined fee. If we find nothing needing remediation , we report on that as well. That way you have a permanent reference of the system used, an independent confirmation of quality. This can be useful if you decide to sell your home or if there are future weather events and system components are called into question.

We are available for follow-up investigations, for supervision, and for final sign-off approvals on an hourly basis, estimates provided upon request.



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