Need A Roof Inspection For Your Homeowners Insurance?

view of a roof through a magnifying glass

Did you receive a notice from your homeowners insurance company informing you that your home insurance policy will be canceled unless you replace your roof due to age?

Your insurance company can cancel your policy for “noncompliance” if you don’t replace your roof or provide an inspection. Receiving a notice of cancellation is very serious because it can be very difficult to get another insurance company to insure your home. But there are steps you can take by contacting a roof inspection company to help.

Why is my insurance company making me do this?

The roof on your home is the first line of defense from the outside elements. An old or damaged roof can allow water to get into your home and damage your ceilings and walls. Your insurance company is trying to prevent future risks for damages that result from a faulty roof.

What if I disagree? What can I do?

If you disagree with the repairs that your insurance company is asking for, it’s not easy to convince them to reconsider. Your best solution is to contact an independent professional inspector to provide you with a second opinion. An independent, inspection company can provide you with an unbiased report to make the strongest argument to your insurance company about changing their decision.



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