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Ladder Assists to Full Reports

We provide a complete suite of services that include ladder-assists, drone inspections, and full Xactimate estimates and reports. Our Haag Certified field professionals are experts in both residential and commercial roof inspections.

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We can tailor a package to meet your underwriting verification needs.  Our specialty is performing large-list drive-by photos, where we can use programming efficiencies to lower costs.  Our other specialty is to combine drone investigation/photo documentation to inspect from overhead: has the roof been repaired/maintained, is there a pool in the backyard, is there a dog fence?

Typically 24-48 hours for ladder assist, solo inspections, damage & condition reports and Xactimate estimates.  Large losses/multiple or major catastrophes in our home service area may require additional time accordingly.

The main distinction is who is getting on the roof.  Under basic ladder assist, we show up with the proper equipment to get you/your adjuster on the roof so they can document what they need to.  With Ladder Assist PLUS, our Haag Certified Technician gets on the roof to properly document the conditions with the adjusters camera. We offer Ladder Assist without the PLUS to save our clients money.

No. We are an independent, unbiased inspection company.  It would be a conflict of interest if we offered roofing services.

While we use DGI drones with cameras capable of incredible resolution, there will always be limitations to what information they can gather.  Relying solely on the drone photos is insufficient to document conditions such as whether a mark in a shingle is actually a hail bruise rather than a defect or of other cause, or where tiles are broken, how many around it are loose, but not displaced.

With ladder assist PLUS, our technician will get to the roof, not necessarily on it, in order to physically inspect the conditions being documented.  A complete hands on approach that give you confidence in our findings.

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