Storm Update

Hurricane Season Preparation

Be prepared. Document the condition of your roof.

Get an independent inspection of your roof before the next storm.

It’s important to have independent documentation of the condition of your roof before the next storm so that you can prove to your insurance company that you do not have any preexisting conditions.

Save time and money with documentation.

  • If you did not have damage after Hurricane Irma – Document It
  • If you had minor damage and had it repaired – Document It
  • If you are uncertain of the condition of your roof – We Document It

How We Help

Insurance Claims & Post Storm Responsiveness


After A Storm

roof inspection drone with camera

Drone Technology

Drones can get data before a storm hits and retrieve data very quickly after a storm.This allows you to make important and timely decisions such as when tarps are needed and evacuation information.  We provide situational detailed maps of your community and complete roof evaluations.