Hurricane Irma Deadline: What You Need To Know

hurricane Irma warning sign with a background of stormy water

Why do I need a roof inspection?

The last day to file a claim for damage from Hurricane Irma is September 10, 2020. After this date, you are barred from filing a claim. Even if you think you only had minor damage to your roof and don’t need to file a claim, it’s best to have a current survey of the condition of your roof. 
Sometimes damage isn’t easily visible or shows up later.  A survey done by an impartial roofing inspection company is the only way you can truly know the state of your roof.  Florida allows claims to be filed for three years after a hurricane. It is important that you have documentation now of the current condition of your roof.  If there is damage in a future storm, without documentation that you have no damage now or you repaired the damage that you had, your insurance carrier could decline any future claim as pre existing damage.

What You Need To Do

  • Contact an independent roofing inspection company. This is different from a roofing repair and replacement company or an adjuster. A company that only offers facts about the condition of your roof does not benefit financially from any information of their findings. 
  • Get a digital record of the current condition of your roof.  If you did anything other than fully replace your roof following Hurricane Irma, it is imperative that you get independent documentation of the condition of your roof before another storm hits.
  • Have a list of recommendations of repairs, if necessary, and a plan for roof maintenance. A quality roofing inspection company will be able to discuss the current life expectancy of your roof and be familiar with any potential warranty claims on your current roofing system. 

Future hurricanes will happen. Don’t let possible damage from past hurricanes, such as Hurricane Irma, impact the security of your investment.



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