Roof Inspection Checklists for HOA Boards in Florida

illustration of a large condo building

Florida’s unique climate presents distinct challenges for condominium roofing. Between the scorching summer heat, the occasional cold snap, and the annual threat of hurricanes, it’s crucial for condo owners to stay on top of their roofing maintenance. Regular roof inspections prevent minor issues from escalating into costly repairs. This blog post will provide Florida condo […]

What You Should Expect With A Roof Inspection

Southern Florida is the only place in the continental United States that has a tropical climate and is the third most populous state in the country. People love Florida, from retirees to vacationers. It offers access to top-rated beaches, metropolitan cities, and plenty of warm, sunny days to explore everything from theme parks to trails. […]

Florida’s Climate Crisis

Florida’s coming decades could be more turbulent than any other time in its history. Warmer seas will usher in more powerful, slower-moving, and more destructive storms and hurricanes. Climate science and Florida More severe weather: The frequency of hurricanes in the North Atlantic has increased due to climate change. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration […]

Roof Maintenance Tips: What You Should Know

Maintenance inspections are routine for homeowners. A yearly check-up and service on your HVAC is a common practice to keep it running smoothly. Tree services are scheduled to maintain the health of trees on your property. Similarly, having a regularly scheduled inspection of your roofing system should be a part of your home maintenance checklist.  […]

How Are Hurricanes Named?

Ever wonder how tropical storms and hurricanes are named? It’s not someone at a desk the World Meteorological Organization coming up with random names. There is actually a strict procedure in place to speed up communication and avoid confusion. Old Naming System Up until 1953, tropical storms and hurricanes in the United States were named […]

6 Reasons Roof Warranties Are Invalidated

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A roof is one of the most important and costly investments for your home. It literally protects your family and belongings. Roof damage is one of the top reasons homeowner’s seek an insurance claim. However, close to 90% of all roofs do not qualify for the manufacturers’ long term warranty. Here are 6 of the […]

Hurricane Irma Deadline: What You Need To Know

hurricane Irma warning sign with a background of stormy water

Why do I need a roof inspection? The last day to file a claim for damage from Hurricane Irma is September 10, 2020. After this date, you are barred from filing a claim. Even if you think you only had minor damage to your roof and don’t need to file a claim, it’s best to […]

How To Prepare For Hurricane Season During The Pandemic

hurricane season sign with storm clouds in the background

June 1 is the official start to the hurricane season. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has predicted an “above active” season in 2020, with an estimate of four major storms (Category 3 or higher.) During the Covid-19 Pandemic, families need to be aware that preparation and response might look different from typical hurricane season […]

Maintenance Agreements Make Sense. Being Locked into One Roofer Doesn’t!

man working on a roof with hand tools

Annual Maintenance Agreements are now more common than ever.  Typically, in exchange for an agreed fee, the contractor will inspect the roof, make very minor repairs and submit a photo report annually or biannually.  If they find that the roof needs additional maintenance, they will quote the work based on an agreed hourly labor and […]

Flat Roof Systems: What’s the Best Option?

man putting down roof tiles wearing gloves

There are several different low-slope roofing systems.  The type of system you currently have greatly affects what you can or can’t do to extend and get the maximum life out of it. For many years, a built-up roof, or “BUR” was the gold standard.  Remember all the hot tar kettles you use to see everywhere? […]