Architects & Engineers

Save yourself the trip.

A local partner you can trust.

We save you time and money by collecting the on-site photos and documentation you need. Our Haag certifications and contractor experience will give you the correct information you require by being your eyes in the field, so you can avoiding travel expenses, insurance exposure, and ladder safety concerns.

Various blueprints with a hard hat

Site Examination

We provide in-depth site examination to save time and money for architects and engineers. We are your eyes in the field with photo documentation and information you need for analysis.

Photo Documentation

We will document your roofing system or construction site with photographs from every important angle.


Fees can vary and depend on a variety of factors. To work within your budget, ARIS can charge per project, hourly, or on a not to exceed basis.

Our typical response time for a service request or quote is less than 24 hours. On-site inspections are scheduled at your convenience.

Our service area includes all of southern florida below Tampa – Vero beach. We can make arrangements to travel outside of our normal areas.  Additional fees may apply.

No. We are an independent, unbiased inspection company.  It would be a conflict of interest if we offered roofing services.

Yes, think of it this way: if you could hire a non-licensed employee to handle a task, you can hire ARIS to do the same thing.  Punch lists, measurements, gathering samples, coordination and physical presence. We are willing to wear your logo if provided and requested whenever we are on the job.

How We Help You