About Us

Partner with the right experts.

Meeting the needs of our clients

ARIS is an experienced team of contractors, insurance adjusters, and roofing system experts. We provide unbiased inspections and consultations to save you money and protect your property.

Our Process

 We make a complicated process simple.

Drone Survey

ARIS partners with Eagle Eyes AUS to provide state of the art drone inspections. This video footage is saved so there is a digital record of the condition of your roof.

Hands On Inspection

Based on the findings of the drone survey, ARIS thoroughly inspects and photographs the details of your roof.


Digital documentation, including drone video and photographs, are given to every client. This ensures that after a storm, new damage is easily identifiable, and can’t be denied by the insurance company as pre existing damage from a prior storm or wear and tear.


A detailed punch list of repairs along with maintenance recommendations is given after inspections. Since ARIS doesn’t do repairs or roof installation, this puts the power in your hands to have impartial information about the condition of your roof. ARIS has no financial stake in the advice we give to our clients. Our recommendations are truly motivated by our client’s best interest.

Storm Assistance

ARIS partners with Kruger Disaster Recovery Team to give clients access to premium roof tarping and board up service.

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